JHenderson Designs


Creative art director specializing in designing flyers, logos, business cards, cd covers, photo retouching and photography.



Jonathan Henderson was in high school when he took his first graphic design class. In 2007, before Pandora or Spotify, his teacher assigned the students a project to design CD covers. It combined his profound love for music and events, and he knew he wanted to become a professional artist. When he was 18, he created his business, JHenderson Designs, which specializes in flyers, logos, business cards, CD/single covers, and photography. The road to owning his own business and managing projects has not been easy—sometimes it’s been especially difficult because of the color of his skin— but with his talent and determination, Jonathan hasn’t let anything stop him.


Q. Why did you choose to pursue graphic design?

I was always into art as a child more than anything else. I did the music thing for a few years, did the sports thing for a few years, yet never stuck with either of those. I was always into editing photos and making them look cool with the different programs on the computer, and once Myspace came out, that’s when the recognition began. I looked around at different profiles and saw the different layouts people would create and just knew right away I could do that, if not better. I was in sixth grade at the time and was using PaintShop Pro to create my graphics, and once people saw my layouts and how official they actually looked, I became the go-to guy for the Myspace layouts, and that began this whole era. I would get contacted by many friends, friends of friends, family members, all to create their layouts exactly how they wanted them and would get nothing but positive feedback from them. And I liked that satisfaction. Once I got into high school and I saw they had a computer graphics course, I hopped right on that and that's when I was introduced to the Adobe programs, like Photoshop and Illustrator, and fell in love with both of those programs. Come 12th grade, it's time to decide your college major; graphic design was the first and only choice I made with no hesitation......